Recreation Park 
 This is a business that is picking up. Such a business would require you to have a piece of land and then you customize it to host fun events, retreats and wedding receptions.
Kenyans are increasingly spending more money on weddings. Many are opting for garden weddings. Apart from the romance and style, an outdoor wedding has a more relaxed ambiance compared to an indoor church wedding.
This business is likely to do well in urban areas or outlying areas for example in Thika you can tap into the Nairobi market.You can offer outdoor activities for year-round entertainment.

 You will need to buy a piece of land that is strategically located either
within the town or in outlying areas. Some of the other costs will include purchasing or leasing land, business license, and wages for staff, security and landscaping costs. To save on costs, you can make use of multi-skilled employees
To attract clients, you will have to invest in beautification. Landscaping the place will be of utmost importance. You will need to plant grass, trees and flowers in a pleasing arrangement. You can also fit the place with a few items for kids’ pleasure like swings, see saws among others not forgetting the usual Camel and horse rides. You will also need park benches for people to sit on.


To make it easy to promote the business you need good Location – you should be easily accessible location for customer convenience. Car park – your customers will need space to park their cars
If you have the resources you can add sparkling water gardens, tumbling waterfalls alongside well manicured lawnYou can market your venue as a popular place for picnics, pleasant walks, cultural and ceremonial events
The success of the venture will be based on the ability to become known within the community. Therefore, marketing is crucial. The image that you want is that of a kid-friendly atmosphere, excellent service and safe environment. You need to provide a clean, upscale, enjoyable environment conducive to giving professional service.

Some of the marketing methods you can use include brochures and flyers. Brochures can be designed to communicate your presence, the services you offer, and the clients you serve in the community. Flyers can be designed for posting at community locations that attract high traffic volumes of consumers within your target market. Don’t forget to create a facebook fan page and/or a website.

Income streams
Apart from charging people gate fees to access the grounds, you can broaden the income stream by offering photo session in the lush picturesque green gardens for; weddings, birthday parties and other events (include digital photos on CD). You can also add value by having a live bands playing during weekends and evenings. Furthermore you can also have tents, chairs and Public Address system that you will rent out to those who wish to hold their events there. You can also offer a more complete package with floral arrangement.

Market Potential clients will include church groups, university clubs, couples opting for garden weddings and receptions, corporate companies who want to do team building, primary and secondary schools , people arranging Birthday parties, picnic lovers and those who love camping. You can establish a relationship with the local primary schools for possible field trips