Poultry Farming in Kenya


 Poultry Farming in Kenya

Poultry farming in Kenya is one of those businesses that can be done on a part time basis to earn you extra income.

  • Capital

 Big chicken farmers are making huge profits. But you don’t have to do it in large scale to benefit from this business. You can start very simple with a chicken shed in the backyard and a couple of chickens. Little capital is required.

  • Knowledge

Most people have a basic knowledge on keeping chicken so it is not going to be difficult. The difference will be making the transition to keeping the chickens for commercial purposes. You need to know the different breeds, chicken feeds and how to prevent diseases.

  • Variations
These include:
o   Buying day old chicks and raising them then sell to other breeders,
o   Purchasing an incubator to hatch chicks for sale
o   Keep broilers for meat
o   Keep layers for eggs
o   Or a combination of these
  • Challenges

Poultry farming in Kenya can be labor intensive especially if you are keeping day old chicks. They require constant attention in terms of feeding, warmth and cleaning the coop. diseases are also a major challenge to look out for.

  • Growth potential

There is no limit to how big your business can grow. It all depends on the market. If you are strategically located or if you secure contracts with big hotels or other consistent buyers, you have no limit to growth

Chicken farming in Kenya

  • Market
The demand for chicken is always  high being such a popular meal for many people. You can just visit any fast food joint to see for yourself the demand for chicken.
  • Competition

You do not have to worry too much about the competition. There is enough demand for chicken especially during the festive seasons.





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