A. Agricultural Industry
Poultry farming
Dairy farming
Jatropha farming
Mushroom farming
Ornamental fish farming
Organic farming
Dairy processing plant
Green house farming
Garden/potted plants
Rabbit farming

B. Service Industry
Gym/Fitness center.
Recreation Park for weddings, corporate retreats etc
Car hire business
Car/carpet wash
Cleaning services targeting corporate companies.
M-PESA agent
Garbage collection
Clearing and forwarding
Bureau for trained domestic workers such as house girls/boys, Gardener etc

C. Electronics Industry
Computer and computer accessories such as Flash disks
Mobile phones, PDAs, etc
Television sets, DVDs, Radios, Digital decoders etc

D. Tourism Industry
Tour agent – Promote unique tourist attractions such as eco tourism and cultural tourism.
Gift shop
Make gift wrappers from recycled paper

E. Food and Beverages Industry
Selling vegetables and other horticultural products (import-export)
Fast food joint
Drive in food points along the highway
Groceries store
Traditional food restaurant
Food vending machine
Cocoa/chocolate place Tea place
Bottled mineral water

F. Education Industry

Computer College
Commercial well stocked library
Hostels for college students
Commercial college especially outside Nairobi
Private tutoring
Daycare center
Private Academy Primary and High school.
Driving school – you can specialize in motorcycles.

G. Fashion/Apparel Industry
Customized T-shirt printing
Sports/Soccer merchandise – team jerseys etc
Boutique – the key is specialization e.g. on suits, African attire or casual wear.
Mitumba stall.

H. Building and Construction Industry
Brick making using hydra form brick making machine

I. Transport Industry
Transport / Movers Company
Courier Company

J. Entertainment and Lifestyle Industry
Photo and Video production and editing.
Recording studio
Events organization
Renting out equipment for events like tents, public address system etc
Disc Jockeying (D.J)
Video game center
Amusement park
Sports bar/Pub

K. Hospitality Industry
Guest House

L. Manufacturing Industry
Make and sell detergents
Biodiesel production
Plastic recycling

M. Printing Industry
Printing customized calendars, cards etc
Photocopy, printing etc

N. Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics shop

O. Other Industries
Motor vehicle Spare parts
Petrol station