Gym/Fitness Center Business

A Treadmill

Starting a gym or a Fitness Center is a good idea. People are getting more conscious of their health as time goes by and the value of physical exercise has been touted widely. Moreover, as a result of improvement in lifestyles, people are now struggling with weight issues.
Needless to say this is a business more suitable for the urban areas. But it does not have to be the big cities. Upcoming residential estates and towns are good places to start because you will most likely be the pioneer in this business.
If you have a background in fitness management, the better. But even if you do not have such a background, you can employ staff to train your clients.
An outgoing personality is a useful trait for a gym owner as you will need to constantly market yourself and your business to new clients. If you have a friendly character and a love for physical fitness, this is the business for you.

You will need to purchase equipments which can be expensive.Listed below is prices of some equipments in Ksh.(the list is not exhaustive)

Preacher Curl

Max Rack – 240,000
Preacher Curl – 55,000
Adjustable Decline bench – 52,000
Adjustable Bench – 90,000
Olympic Flat Bench -55,000
Olympic Bars – 10,000

To set up a fully equipped trendy gym might require about Ksh 1 million or more. However you can set up a cheaper gym by buying second hand equipment or by buying locally made equipment.
Depending on where you locate your business and your target market, the amount can be far less than that.
Other expenses include; business license, Insurance, wages, rent, and other utilities like security and electricity.

Olympic Flat Bench

Location plays a big role in determining the success of a gym/fitness center business. The best location is an area with a lot of traffic to help market your business. Your gym should easily accessible and you should consider providing adequate parking for your clients.
When people go to work out, they are looking for a safe, clean, and welcoming environment. You have
to get a spacious room to accommodate equipment, work-out space, and locker rooms.

The type of equipment to buy depends on what kind of gym you want to start. If you are starting a gym that focuses on cardio work-outs, you should invest in machinery such as treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent bikes, and commercial upright bikes.

Max Rack

Also consider adding extra open space for functional training such as exercise balls, calisthenics, and possibly an aerobics, spinning, kick-boxing, or dance class.
If you are planning on opening a gym focusing on weight lighting, what you need is circuit machinery such as an abdominal crunch, chest bench press, bicep curl, tricep press, and other machines that work the legs, back, and shoulders.
Free weights would require a bench and a range of barbells, and free weights. You’ll also want reinforced flooring and mirrors.

Olympic Bar

The easiest to start is a gym focusing on aerobic training that is mostly patronized by women. Such a gym requires space, a few basic equipments, wall mirrors and music.
To beat the competition, you can stand out by offering your clients newer and better gym equipment and gym facilities.

Some staff that you might need include; receptionist, personal trainers, physical therapists and/or nutritionists depending on the services your gym will offer.
If you’d like to offer fitness classes, you might consider hiring aerobics, kick-boxing, or dance instructors. Personal trainers can help clients get the most out of their experience, with individual instruction, and a personalized work-out plan. Circuit instructors can help clients learn the proper lifting techniques while a dietician can work on the correct diet and exercise plan. To maintain credibility, hire certified personal trainers and fitness instructors. If you want to be in charge of day to day activities you should also get certified.

Niche Market
You can decide to specialize and target a narrow segment of the market for example you can cater for bodybuilders, powerlifters, boxers and others interested in strength training this is mostly for sports people. Alternatively you can offer extra services like training people in some dance styles that are in vogue like salsa, capuera among other exotic dances. People love that.

Adjustable Decline Bench

You can also widen your scope by offering your clients stress management and job application classes that many of them might be interested to participate in. you might also give the clients freedom to choose the style of music in the gym while they exercise.