Garden/Potted plants

If you like landscaping or you love flowers and other ornamental plants, then this is definitely worth a try for you. Garden plants include flowers, trees and other plants that are planted to beautify the compound.
Alternatively instead you can add tree seedlings to the list of plants that you sell. There is a big drive at the moment for reforestation in the country and various organizations are involved in planting trees. You can secure a market for tree seedlings and supply some good volumes.

What you need
  • Business license
  • Containers
  • Soil
  • Seedlings/seeds
  • Labor
  • Rent
How it is done
These plants are usually grown in containers, earthen pots or in soil filled polythene bags are sold when they are still at the seedling stage.
You would need to collect a good number of containers and polythene bags to hold the plants. You do not have to purchase these containers. You can be creative and recycle used plastic containers. Just clean them make small holes at the bottom, put soil inside and plant your seedling.
If you do posses some skills, you can make eye catching pots from clay or cement and sell them to customers. 
In as far as marketing is concerned; these plants are usually displayed by the roadside so as to maximize the exposure to potential customers. If you choose to go that way then you will have to get a business license from the local authority e.g. the City council and probably pay rent on the space of land that you occupy.
In case you do not have a lot of money to spend, this is a business that can be started in your backyard. You can start with a few seedlings and then network among your contacts and find a market.
This is not a fast moving business from the sales point of view because the demand for ornamental plants has is still picking up and also because of the numerous competition. The main market would be the residents of affluent parts of town.
Tree seedlings can serve as a boost for the business. This is a business that can serve as a profitable part time hussle. 

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