This business opportunity is on the rise in urban areas in Kenya due to the rapid population growth that has brought about the growth of new residential estates and apartments. Coupled with this, is the inability of the respective city and town councils to provide such services like garbage collection. Services such as this have been handed over to the private sector and that is where you come in.
Like in any other business, the amount of capital needed to start is dependent on the size of the business that you want to put up. You can start small with only one pick up or an old lorry to collect the garbage and a few workers. If you want something big then you can acquire a fleet of lorries.

What you need to start
Lorry/Pickup truck
Business license
Business name
Insurance for vehicles and employees

Some of the costs in this business include;
Employee salary,
Office expenditures,
Fuel cost and
Maintenance cost.

What you need to know
Do not buy garbage trucks just because it looks good or because it is cheap. Buy the garbage trucks that can give you the most amount of space so you can pick up more garbage in each run. You should set up a route and schedule of your garbage pick-up. This way, you can cover as much areas as possible in the least amount of time. Not only will you be saving on time, you can be saving up on fuel cost too.

The nature of the job is a challenge in itself. To some people the idea of working with rubbish is not very appealing for their self image. However if you can put aside such worries then you can go places.
Garbage collection and specifically the landfill area have of late been taken over by organized criminal gangs in Nairobi who extort money from those who dump waste there. You might need to part with some “protection fees” once in a while.

You can decide to move into the recycling business. If you give your customers instructions on classification of rubbish then you can get valuable recyclable materials such as glass bottles and plastics.

This is a business that is very competitive. It will require very strong marketing campaigns. You can offer discounts to customers if they introduce you to others.

Market potential
The market for garbage collection is ever expanding. New residential units are coming up at a very rapid pace in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya. You just have to be proactive and lock in any new tenants or home owners as they move in.

Advertising is important for this will bring in good amount of clients. Make sure you make your brochures and fliers very appealing. Build a website for your company so you can access more market over the internet. Target new and upcoming estates and housing units and be the first to reach there once a potential client moves in.
For your initial run, you can offer promos and discounts so people would be willing to try out your service. Of course, you have to follow through with the service. If you put all you can in the operation and then neglect the service, all of your hard work will become nothing.