If researching and writing are your strong points then you should consider this business. Academic writing entails provision of term papers and projects for college students in the Western world. This is one of the best home based businesses if you have the necessary skills.
You need good research and writing skills. The subject of the essays could range from arts and history to science and technology. Most of your research will be conducted online. Luckily almost all information you need is available online.
What you need:
  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Access to a library – To supplement Google scholar and Google books
  • Office or quiet working place
Procedure for application: 
1. Search for a site
It’s now time to find your employer. You can start by browsing through search engines like Google and fill the application forms that they have or use the list of recommended sites provided at the end of this article. These are reliable services but the list is not exhaustive.  
2. Prepare your Resume
Most sites will require you to submit a resume for approval make it attractive. 
3. Write a couple of essays about two different topics.
All academic outsourcing service companies require you to submit sample of your works. Write something new for your application. Choose topics that you know well. Keep them simple and light but informative and insightful. Use proper citation style. 
4. Take an online English Quiz
You will also be required to take an English language quiz to asses your language proficiency. 
5. Set up a wire transfer account or any other online money transfer services
You get paid through; 
Online money transfer services – Mostly Paypal which does not offer withdrawal services to Kenya. If there are other services available check whether they allow you to withdraw money in Kenya otherwise take the next option. 
Wire Transfer – the money is transferred to your bank account directly. You need to visit your bank and get the SWIFT code which facilitates this money transfer.
Very Important Details:
  • Deadlines – be very careful with deadlines. If you violate the deadline repeatedly, you’ll be dismissed. In case you feel you might miss the deadline, contact the client and inform them in time.
  • Plagiarism – Don’t copy directly from any other paper or online material. There is software that checks for plagiarism.  The leading plagiarism checker is called Turnitin. Check it out HERE
  • Citation styles – academic papers are written in specific citation styles. The most common styles are APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabian. Make sure you acquaint yourself with these styles before starting. 
  • Communication with clients – always communicate with your client to give updates and revisions. This will save you unnecessary revisions and cancellations. 
  • Improve your typing speed – the faster you type the more work you can do and the more money you will get.  
  • Information sources – You can supplement the internet with other sources of information. You can visit a physical library for more information.
  • Time management – This is a time consuming venture and it needs a lot of commitment. Be committed to giving quality work and you’ll always be in demand. Furthermore, you will be receiving your assignments through email, so be sure you have time to go online often.
Once you get accepted, you will start making money through these companies. The normal pay ranges from $3 to $20 per page. The shorter the deadline the higher the pay. But be careful with assignments with short deadline. Only take them when you are absolutely sure you will complete it in time. You get paid at the end of the month if you attain the threshold amount which could be around $100. With the dollar being so strong against the local currency, you’ll be all smiles come end month.
Never give up:
Some sites only accepts applicants from countries where English is the first language.  However, if you do not succeed at first, do not give up. Apply again to another site. There are numerous sites online that you can work for.