If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty then this might just be the business for you. It is a fact that things get dirty and people are willing to pay for cleaning. This is what makes this line of business to have a lot of opportunities. The professional cleaning industry is wide and varied. There is never really a time when cleaning is not needed.

You can start small without an office with you as the cleaner and maybe get a little help from casual employees or alternatively, you can manage the business and employ professional cleaners to do the actual cleaning.
Either way you are going to need:

  • Detergents and soaps
  • Cleaning equipment – mops, dusters, gloves, protective gear,
  • Buckets and other containers
  • Uniform – to look more professional
  • Office

The main challenge will be getting business in the initial stages. You have to come across as competent, trustworthy and reliable. Many institutions still employ their own janitorial staff. However with time more and more companies are outsourcing cleaning services.
The lack of glamour in this business might be a challenge in case you are actually doing the cleaning. You will need a genuine love for the business to get you through.

Consumer market – this consists primarily of residential cleaning carpet cleaning, window cleaning and a variety of other cleaning services required on a less-frequent basis.

Commercial -This is dominated by janitorial services, which provide services such as office, carpet and window cleaning that target businesses rather than individual consumers.

Niche market
You can either decide on one niche or you can do both successfully. You can also refine your customer base and if you give them the best service then you’ll have no trouble maintaining them. For instance you can offer after party cleanup services. It is quite hectic to clean up after a party and if you can do this effectively then you’ll smile all the way to the bank.

What you need to know
The most important aspect of this business is determination to make the business work, a willingness to please the customer and the dedication to provide a thorough cleaning job.
Trust is a crucial component in this business. Cleaning up especially in homes requires an individual with integrity and one who can be trusted by the client totally.
You need business skills such as office administration, time management, customer relations, and human resource management. Focus on building good relationships with both your clients and employees.

Potential Growth
The growth in the cleaning industry is partly attributable to the fact that more women are working in the corporate sector these days. They do not have the time to do all the clean up in the house. With the new minimum wage requirements for domestic employees, more families are going to turn to professional cleaners for services. Middle to upper class families are the main market.