Car Wash

People today have less and less time to spend on errands like getting their car washed. Starting a car wash is one of the easiest and low cost types of business. This is a business venture that can be started with just a bucket, soap and washing cloth at the bank of a river.
However if you desire a more professional service in the urban areas, you’ll have to have higher standards. One of the most important aspects of starting this business is location. You need a convenient location that has some space mostly around residential areas. For those with large capital can invest in an automatic car washing machine. There are very few  such machines in the country and you might capture a segment of the market if you offer this service.
What you Need:
Pressure hose
Source of water e.g. tap, tank or river
Services to Offer:
Full-service: This is basically a combination of the exterior washing with an inside cleaning (detailing).
In-bay automatic (rollover): This type of car wash is an automatic wash consisting of a machine that literally “rolls over” a stationary car parked in a washing bay.
Waxing: you can also offer waxing services mostly targeting the top of the range vehicles.
Changes in weather affect the profitability of this business.  Sometimes, people are content to let their cars stay dirty for long especially if the season is wet and muddy making make people reluctant to pay for a car wash. These cycles can affect the business severely.
You and your employees must be trustworthy to attract car owners who might be worried about losing valuables in their cars.
Another challenge is providing the best quality of wash possible. Customers today demand better services from the car wash.
Your target market includes individual car owner and leasers, car dealerships, and local businesses. Some of the best locations include within a restaurant, nyama choma joints and pubs where you can wash your customers’ cars as they eat or entertain themselves.
The trend in this business is offering extra services. For example, you can sell car spare parts and lubricants alongside other motor vehicle accessories. You can also set up a  shop selling snacks and drinks as well as the more usual air fresheners and key chains.
This is a business that can be combined along with others. For instance it works very well with a petrol station, entertainment joints, among others. Also you can offer carpet cleaning services.
Competitive Advantage:
To have a competitive advantage, offer a high quality service for a reasonable rate. To do this, you will have to find the best employees.
Carpet Cleaning:
This business entails cleaning and shampooing carpets for homes and businesses using special equipment. A carpet cleaning business has low capital requirement.  This is because of very low overhead costs. Unlike other businesses, you don’t need an office or a large staff to begin with.  What you need is necessary skills for efficiently cleaning of carpets and knowledge of the equipment and cleaning supplies to use.
You can start by cleaning carpets in homes or apartments, and then later you can offer the services to commercial establishments such as offices that can offer bigger contracts and higher percentage of repeat business.
There are various ways to reach your clients and market your business. Word-of-mouth is the fastest and most effective, although you can also place classified ads in the local paper, distribute flyers and business cards.
Additional Services:
Most carpet cleaning services do more than just clean carpets. You can also clean the upholstery, walls, ceiling and drapery. You can also offer; application of a fabric protector on carpet and upholstery, spot and stain removal among others.
Most of the costs incurred will be on advertising, professional commercial carpet cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning chemicals.
You can purchase used professional carpet cleaning equipment. To reduce cost, purchase industrial-grade cleaning supplies at wholesale prices.