Sample Campaign Poster

An election year presents great opportunities for graphic design and printing business. Political parties and candidates are all over the place seeking all means of publicity and branding. Politicians love to be noticed and this leads them to use different mediums of advertising to reach their audiences.
The main items that can be designed and printed for an election campaign include:

  • T shirts
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Caps
  • Calendars
  • Billboards

 You don’t have to own a graphic design and printing business to take advantage of these opportunities. You can subcontract the work once you get a client. There are many outlets that can do the design and printing of these items. Take your time to sample potential partners and look out for the best price which can allow you to make a profit. Your job now is to secure yourself a client and you are good to go.The best thing about it is that quality does not matter very much in campaign materials. It’s mainly the message that the client is interested in.

Market Size

This election is going to be the biggest ever in Kenyan history. The number of candidates involved is going to be high due to the increased number of elective positions.At the polling station, voters will be electing a total of six leaders.

  • The president
  • Senator
  • Governor 
  • Member of parliament
  • County representative
  • Woman M.P

For each of this position excluding the presidency, there will be a good number of candidates. In most constituencies, there will be about ten candidates per position. The number of parliamentary seats has been increased by 80. There will be 290 elected MPs.Assume there are about 10 candidates for each seat and that brings the number to 2,900. Now do the same for other positions and you’ll see that there is a demand for design and printing services this year.

Skills Needed:
Networking – you need to find out who is contesting where and get to them with your business proposal. Give them a good deal and they will respond positively. The good thing is that politicians are very friendly during election year and reaching them is not very difficult.


  • Many politicians like to give such jobs to their cronies or relatives. You might also encounter some resistance from those who are close to the politicians. 
  • Politicians are known to be cunning. Don’t accept promises without getting the cash. Ensure you get paid possibly you get an advance payment before you begin the job.


  • Politicians are ready to spend during the campaign period.  
  • You can set up this business without having any initial capital. You just need to know a candidate, convince him/her to give you the job and that’s it.